Tạp chí Khoa học, T. 16, S. 2 (2019)

Cỡ chữ:  Nhỏ  Vừa  Lớn

Offering in English and Vietnamese

Nguyen Thi Lap

Tóm tắt

The study aims to help speakers of English find out types of general English offering which are widely applied in everyday communications and how to use offering forms correctly according to social distance and relative power of English native speakers and Vietnamese speakers in particular situations. The study is carried out with the hope of contributing to a better English language teaching and learning status and it is also expected that Vietnamese learners of English would have a chance to get used to the natural way of making offers in English so as to be successful cross-cultural communicators.

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Tạp chí của Trường Đại học Sư phạm Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh ; ISSN: 1859 -3100